A honeycomb of sweet honey, made by him, who knew how to sweeten me all my life, that nectar, so sweet, fell in the depths of my being, in my body in my skin, that honeycomb. A honeycomb worked day after day, year after year, with its honey, he knew how to sweeten; the happiest years of my life;A Honeycomb Of Sweet Honey The honeycomb is dry! but in my soul I leave, thirteen jars of sweet honey; Oh … that honey has become gall, until the rest of my days, the nectar was put on by him … The honeycomb of sweet honey dried …!

How to forget

I remember that time; my lips lit to yours, the peaceful and beautiful night in each flower a sigh Full of blush, of fear, next to me I saw you, and you spoke, I stayed, so stayed, that only I know I can what your soul said; I want to forget, but in vain, that instant “Ramón, my life” of our passion; Book that left your hand written in my heart; How to forget that I surrendered to the most bitter broken, tremulous, sad, afflicted, filled the eyes of crying, like the one that the pain resists, like the one that hide a grief, you raised the face, you saw me, and I heard a goodbye, so sad I will never forget it! It was a revelation, of a sad disappointment of an absence that would be, the shadow that would extinguish, the dreams of the heart; Ah! Separate the two of us! when one of the other spoke peacefully and calmly, how sad that word sounded in the soul! Goodbye ! To see an existence isolated, which had been in another fade! Snatch your essence, bury oblivion! With your goodbye you left the heart mute that I can hear it there, suffering already, it was the last greeting of the one who will never return, what did I do when I heard you? I confess that such bitter pain is still in the printed soul, how sad it is to kiss a heartbreaking goodbye to a kiss! Your love dazzles me, looking at us, our being was a star, a holy fire, how sad it is to look so hard not to see each other again! Nothing flees from the thought How horrible was that moment; that came to separate us Every sentence was a regret, each sigh a regret.


Here you are at my side Advising me bad Bad friend bad companion Forcing me not to feel some happiness to cry tears that burn. And despite this chimera I have to endure. For not having me who really loved me and that’s why loneliness despite not loving you my friend you will always be.

She won

In the early years of my youth, I had a fierce war, with a selfish person, “I believed,” we fought, we fought, but Love won! Mothers are all selfish, today I understood it, some of us don’t know how to understand what it is, the law of life! but love always wins! The war with that person, did I win it? I believed it! … The years passed, and she defeated me, when I least expected it, from the other world, she took it! He took my life, he took my heart; But what he can never take away from me is what he left me; those deep roots rooted in my soul, in my life, in my heart. Nor the fruits, that those roots threw, that “no” And here history repeats itself; Now, the selfish one is me I struggled with claws and nails to retain the fruits of my heart, they were mine, his Love gave them to me; How many times I have forgiven that selfish mother, I thought it was selfish! … History repeats itself, now I am selfish … I apologize to that mother, how bad I loved her; I ask God, that he has found his son in the other world, in this I had him; These fierce wars are common among humans, it is the Law of life! I know… These fierce wars are common among humans, it is the Law of life! I know… These fierce wars are common among humans, it is the Law of life! I know.

I think of you

I think of you, you live in my mind alone, fixed relentlessly at all hours although perhaps the indifferent face should not reflect on my forehead the flame that silently devours me; In my gloomy and wild fantasy your gentle and pure image shines, like the ray of light that the sun sends through a shadowy vault and the broken marble of a grave; Silent inert, in deep stupor my heart reintegrates and alienates, and there in its center it vibrates dying when among the vain crash of the world, the melody of your name sounds; Without struggle, without eagerness and without regret without shaking myself in blind frenzy, without preferring a single one, a slight accent the long hours of the night I count, just thinking of you 

A Honeycomb Of Sweet Honey

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