Laser resurfacing – Wrinkle Reduction Procedure

Laser resurfacing

The laser resurfacing could also be a 1 among the most recent tools employed within the treatment of wrinkles, acne scars, aged and sun-damaged skin. The Erbium laser provides how skin resurfacing utilizes the cool light of the Erbium laser. The results of this method are less post-procedure redness, less swelling, and a greater rotation in healing time than with other laser skin resurfacing methods. All of this culminates within the Erbium laser being a more accurate and fewer painful method of restoring one’s skin to its younger appearance.

Length and details of the laser resurfacing procedure

In the Erbium laser resurfacing, a little area of the surface of the skin is heated with the cool Erbium laser which successively vaporizes superficial damaged skin cells and resulting in the thickening of the skin’s collagen. Laser Resurfacing is needed for its ability to help in reducing the surface damage caused by acne, facial scars, fine or emerging wrinkles.

The length of the Erbium laser procedure varies from quarter-hour to slightly quiet hour relying on the individual’s needs.

To minimize discomfort a neighborhood anesthetic could even be employed, for a couple of erbium laser resurfacing procedures.

As this procedure is performed in an outpatient environment, most patients can return home the same day.

Healing is more rapid because laser results in decreased redness, swelling, and bruising associated with laser resurfacing.

In most procedures laser resurfacing, patients can fully recuperate within 7-10 days

Make-up is often worn after the first week. At now patients may return to regular activities considerately kept in mind of the skin’s ongoing healing. The use of sunblock on treated areas is usually recommended when within the sun. Over the subsequent several weeks, the pinkness of the exposed skin will lighten to reveal the normal tone, yet with a softer, smoother, and younger appearance, just like the one you get with the safe products of Viviane Woodard.

Risks and/or complications related to Erbium Laser Resurfacing

The Erbium laser resurfacing procedure produces a smaller number of undesired effects and complications than other laser resurfacing procedures. With this in mind, some adverse effects are to be anticipated and can be misconstrued as complications. Some minor adverse effects of laser resurfacing may contain transient erythema, edema, and pruritus. Before laser resurfacing, the treatment also can prolong the healing process.

Will my insurance cover an Erbium Laser Resurfacing procedure?

Because an Erbium Laser Resurfacing procedure is taken under consideration for an elective procedure, insurance usually won’t cover the operation.

Life comes with complications. No free lunches, there’s always a compromise, and whether you accept it or fight it tooth and nail- you begin each day wiser, but always each day older. Being stressed is a component of the human condition – it’s its place in our survival, unfortunately, it also takes its toll.

Each smile, each frown – each sunny day or winter chill – leaves a mark of experience on us. Wrinkles are accolades of survival, but utilizing your power to get rid of them similarly speaks volumes of your success.

Anti-aging is business and therefore the market is inundated with jars filled with creams, potions, and promises. These have their place, but they are not a cure-all. Scars, large pores, and set wrinkles require a touch more attention than most external remedies can provide. This is often where the choices start to urge a touch more interesting.

You could go under the knife – the results are dramatic, but the value is high, both in cash and recovery. you would possibly pursue a chemical peel – less extreme than surgery, this feature is viable but still requires its justifiable share of recovery time. The most recent and most enjoyable weapon against fine lines, wrinkles, and other imperfections is laser resurfacing.

Laser resurfacing may sound a touch disconcerting, but as you educate yourself you will find that benefits far outweigh the value of uncertain connotation.

Structure and Functions IOP Nashua NH

IOP Nashua NH commonly referred to as treatment middle or possibly a clinic, can be a place specially engineered for the therapy and rehab of substance addicts. Through the specialist care of the health care professionals and specialists hired there, these centers aid hooked people to cope with their mental and physical difficulties and find how to return to a regular lifestyle. Typically, they help the substance addicts through health care support and psychological therapy. Also, these centers provide counseling to their family and close friends as a way that they will fully grasp points better.

There are several substance treatment facilities almost everywhere in the country and through the earth that adheres to this concept.  IOP Nashua NH treats their people constantly making use of their mental health and physiological needs. Every single and every drug treatment heart has some big difference within the type of applications they supply. The notion of such programs is usually a counterpart, even so.

Drug rehab centers typically are the upcoming kinds: out-patient center, non-commercial drug therapy heart or inpatient middle, long term drug treatment method center, adolescent treatment method heart.

 IOP Nashua NH gives many significant providers

Such as medication, individual counseling, class psychotherapy and different varieties of life-expertise education. Additionally, they schedule a standard life-hour around the patients and oblige those to have a timetable. Minor or moderate levels of dependence are often treated and taken care of through the plans at outpatient locations.

For significant dependency, therapy with residential or inpatient substance remedy middle is suggested. The home treatment method makes it much simpler for that dependent person to follow treatment during a healthful and good manner in a medication-cost-free setting. This aids the individual to start a replacement daily life tempo and also to urge to obviate their outdated lifestyle.

Since the title suggests, they are designed for offering long term or daily life-length therapy for the patients. They’re also for people with extreme or perhaps an extended past of dependence, long term remedy locations. Treatment can stretch for a season or perhaps more. Often the sufferers may need to adhere to several guidelines for life to avoid a relapse.

Adolescent remedy centers are created for offering therapy mainly for young adults and reground ups. Children with this grow older bracket practical experience a lot of mental and physical modifications. This is often really a precarious phase in daily life, and they are extremely susceptible to medications at now of your time. They already have additional care such as suitable counseling and treatment. Teenage therapy centers assist this function.

All medicine remedy centers have certain common features. The very first aim is usually to support a dependent particular person to overcome his / her dependence and come back to your happy and typical existence. These facilities supply emotionally charged, both mental and physical help to some recouping addict. They give the best habit treatment to aid the patients to stop medicines. They develop special courses like specific and class psychotherapy, events, interpersonal and guided trips. It’s viewed as an outstanding potential for the recouping addicts to have interaction between themselves in the course of various routines.

Best Rehab – DC substance abuse programs

DC substance abuse programs

Have you been looking to give up smoking or cease alcohol consumption DC substance abuse programs? Have you been dealing with a drug addiction? Do you struggle with doctor prescribed drug mistreatment or perhaps a betting dilemma? The very best procedure for dependence recuperation could have been correct less than our noses all along: workout. Whatever you don’t learn about this subject matter may just shock you.

Regardless if you are hooked on liquor, Best Rehab neighborhood prescription drugs, prescription casino, drugs and meals or cigarette smoking, the nerve design that builds up is the same. The incentives inside your mental abilities are underactive, and it usually takes far more in everyday life to share with that part of the human brain that you’re having a good time.

Best Rehab, along with the brain is tricked into thinking that the addiction is necessary for emergencies.

Speedy bursts of exercise at 70-80Percent of one’s maximum cardiovascular threshold for at least half an hour per day can give your brain’s prize centre the fast burst of dopamine that it’s trying to find when sensing a craving to employ a substance (or habits). Aside from that DC substance abuse programs, workout rebalances your disposition related neurotransmitters and lets out BDNF, an issue that is like Magic Grow to your head.

It will help to grow new human brain tissue in DC substance abuse programs

That has a tendency to decrease with depression symptoms and substance mistreatment. Best Rehab that workout does is release endorphins, which are compound cousins with synthetic morphine. Issuing your body’s natural soreness killers is certainly one reason behind that popular “runner’s substantial.” Endocannabinoids are considered to be another reason behind this sensation. These are the basic receptors inside the human brain related to weed, and there are two other activities that can fill these receptors: exercise and eating dark chocolate. The opportunity to take action that may be inside your individual handle creates a sense of self effectiveness, one thing that’s absent in those who really feel powerless and helpless to control addictions.

Exercise simultaneously strengthens new neural systems inside the human brain, reduce yearnings, significantly reduce withdrawal signs or symptoms, tackle root major depression and anxiety, and load the void often left out after habit forming behaviors cease. One particular exceptional example of how well physical exercise may help appropriate habits is really a popular recovery program in Manhattan. These method characteristics drastically increase the level of rehabilitation success towards the addition of any exercise routine, plus some of its graduate students manage from the NYC Marathon every year.

If you’re seeking to stop smoking cigarettes or stop ingesting your lunchtime chardonnay having a straw, make workout your good friend. Get a bounce rope and do 10 minute bursts, and even purchase a small trampoline to work with when yearnings strike. The “struck” of exercising might be a very good alternative to minimizing anxiety, and you’ll convey more electricity, as well.

How to Find the Treatment center NJ

When you, a relative or dearly loved one is combating up against the demons related to medicine and alcoholic drinks misuse, Treatment center NJ is required to return on a healthier monitor. Turning to the healing attributes of a medicine rehab or alcoholic beverages rehab center can result in the way of life and behavior alterations connected with leaving negative factors to the wayside.

There are liquor and medication rehab centers throughout America. Occasionally, a patient can even choose a treatment method beyond the country. Treatment center NJ is extremely mental along with an intellectual curler coaster that can take every ounce of emphasis and restraint. Medication and alcohol rehab centers have to discover the method and motivation for every affected individual to embrace recuperation. Each person that hikes with the entrance of any medical clinic or goes in a course is unique.

Considering that no two individuals are alcoholic beverages, drugs and likewise rehab applications and procedures are different. Although some depend greatly on prescription medications as well as other healthcare tactics, there are more strategies for treatment that employ all-natural or normal techniques.

When looking for a possible medicine or alcoholic drinks rehab center, there are numerous various kinds of treatment courses to take into consideration.

Chemical neglect can be a fragile matter and every medication associated with preference is dealt with in the diverse method. As an example, getting to sleep capsule addiction will never be dealt with in the same manner as crystal meth addiction.

Program Techniques in Treatment center NJ

With brief-expression rehab centers, a client can become a citizen and undergo numerous health care techniques for several weeks. They can also acquire drug-cost-free out-patient providers. When lengthier-term proper care is necessary, many outpatient therapies are available at the same time. A patient could also pick to live in a home local community remedy center to guarantee to proceed with substance-totally free good results. Some citizens may pick or must spend years in most of these facilities.

The problem of prescription medication and other medication treatments enter into performing in choosing a drug rehab medical center, as seen via precisely what is called maintenance therapy. For instance, a heroin addict may receive an oral serving of methadone to help prohibit the impact with their abused substance associated with preference. The methadone helps to take away the cravings that numerous addicts experience using biological needs on their system. Some individuals are leery of methadone remedies because this medicine by itself may be addictive.

When it comes time to find the ideal drug rehab and alcoholic beverages rehab centers within your other, understanding and medical professional’s health professionals will provide you with what is named an affiliate. You could obtain one or two to pick from, but are normally the most practical choices of treatment so that you can think about. When funds are of no problem, some individuals will look into treatment solutions both near and abroad. Some liquor and medicine rehab centers will be more private than others, offering certain luxuries that express authorities do not want. There are many leaflets and internet sites to scan when it is possible to shell out more for your treatment options.

Pheromones and How They Work

Pheromones and How They Work

Pheromones and How They Work

Not usually great-hunting or particularly interesting, tends to draw in females by the pickup truck stress, even though perhaps you have observed that guy who? I am talking about, he doesn’t have even nearly as good a job while you, hard disks a beaten up older car, carries a receding hairline and yet he just has ‘away’ with the females. And the man makes it all seem so simple.

In contrast – you frequently participate in a fitness center, you’ve got a bit of wonderful designer clothing, you’ve just ordered a completely new auto but you still can’t obtain a day. What exactly that he’s obtained that you don’t? There should be medical clarification. Properly, maybe there is certainly.

During the last 20 years or so, the school and scientific entire world has become obsessed with the study and theory of individual pheromones. In other words, pheromones are a naturally secreted substance by both women and men that trigger an answer in associates of the same species. Everyone secretes this chemical through their sweating to numerous degrees but it has been found out that individuals who perform far better together with the opposite gender usually develop higher and more detectable amounts of pheromones.

Ever endured your mind turned by the aroma of a woman walking in the space? It’s not simply her fragrance as if it had been you would be influenced far more regularly with the identical company. No, there exists one thing distinct regarding this woman. It can be a nearly overpowering feeling which you can’t purposely describe. That, my good friend, is pheromones; Men are drawn by pheromones given away from by ladies, and women are drawn by pheromones presented off of by gentlemen.

What exactly are Pheromones specifically?

Pheromones are secretions of chemicals given out through the pores in individual epidermis. They usually are relatively odorless substances that can be found within the Vomeronasal Body organ (VNO) within the individual nasal area. The VNO body organ is believed to possess enjoyed an important role in evolutionary improvement – in some cases letting individual scent anxiety – but additionally in the standard purpose of deciding on intimate companions. When a girl attracts a whiff from the masculine pheromone, the VNO body organ transmits a message towards the brain which in turn makes a subconscious mind biological sexual response.

Women bringing in pheromones presented away by guys are called Androstenol and Androstenone. They can be released from males when chemicals within your perspire connect to frequent harmful bacteria. Every pheromone emits a certain reaction and function. Androstenol influences a woman’s perception of a man’s sex self-confidence, intelligence, and elegance. Androstenone is considered to be more directly relevant to aggression and dominance – a vital high quality in establishing a person as being the alfa-male of a group of people. Furthermore, it entices ladies, additionally; it causes other men to avoid interaction using them. That is what can make androstenone so effective. This is standard evolutionary functionality.

Mobility Scooters

Mobility scooters are solitary-chair automobiles that can assist the freedom weakened. They can be fuel-run, power or electric battery controlled. These automobiles were created in a lot a similar method as power-driven scooters. They might have 3 or 4 tires and will be maneuvered using a tiller or handlebar similar to 1 located in bikes. Usually they may have padded deluxe chairs and smooth bases for footrests.

Numerous makes and brands of flexibility scooters are out there. Mobility scooters may be intended for the two inside as well as external touring. Most scooters may be totally kept and dismantled when not being utilized. In greater versions, the seats are attached to swiveling rods to assist in much more flexibility. There may also be conditions to recline the seat and utilize it for any quick snooze click to read more.

Characteristics provided in Mobility Scooters

Lots of additional characteristics provided in Mobility Scooters, Battery-controlled range of motion scooters is pretty famous and mostly sought after. They could be operate on two 12-voltage cyclic batteries, which might offer a operating time period of 8-10 hours, i.e. about 20 to 30 miles. Latest scooters have recharging sockets for both aspects from the base so that the rider will get the scooter billed even when outstanding seated on it. Most range of motion scooters are in the speed variety of 4 miles per hour to 8 miles per hour. Those with reduce rates tend to be more designed for the pavements as well as for interior use, while individuals with increased rates may be motivated around the roads.

Mobility Scooters can be light and highly versatile.

Freedom scooters tend to be-loved motion aids for people with range of motion problems. Even seniors who find it hard to go walking or would like to sort of scooters, Folks who suffer from bookings about utilizing wheelchairs are purchasing flexibility scooters. Occasionally flexibility scooters are approved by physicians to folks experiencing range of mobility problems. Individuals with troubles such as paralysis or weakening of nerve tissues are prescribed mobility scooters.

The Thirteen Roses

Do not tell the stars, white moon, what you know … what can the thirteen roses know, of that great love? When this love kills me, because it has to kill me, children who love me, put me close to your “Father”; He, only he knows the secret of this love so great … On my body put, thirteen leafless roses, representing the thirteen most beloved names of my loves, which are thirteen drops of my blood … I can say, here by my side I have your “Father”, the last elegant and constant lover; I do not ask you, that you understand, this great love is an improper romantic echo of these ages. One thing I ask of you, that one should not deny me, when I die … because this pain kills me, put me for compassion, put me on, with your “Father” …

Mica .. .

Of moons and roses

They say that love is good, that its harvest is sublime, I, that I sowed it with the moons of roses, and any other, where does that thorn that hurts me so much, tell me? They say that love is good, that it is to live the illusion, I, that a sanctuary I made with my best tenderness, where does that force that breaks my heart emanate? They say that love is good, that it is the surrender of evil, I, who have loved so much, so much, why does it leave me this pain? Your love went through my life, full of thoughts and affections, hurricane of gray ideas now carry my desires. They say that love is good, that it is true bliss, I, on a throne I have him with my best poems. Why this pain so great until I die of love …


My loneliness

My sound solitude of poem is like a cicada by the wheat fields, of that infinite vain crowd that is by my side without being with me. Among the high tremor of sorrows I have an open wound for every company. And in the dark well of shadows, a light poem of sack music, I am the poor cicada who imagines that it is my poems, the soul of my life; Tell me I’m not alone, that from the blue sky you listen to me. On the vague and unanimous disdain of all my misfortunes; For you, I will not have night or days; And I will lay at your feet, like a carpet, my sonorous solitude of poems! … For you, I write them, my life!


Feelings of Poetry

Poetry Who or what are you? Feelings of my soul How to get accents and sound in harmony. I only know that they are feelings that come from my soul, from my heart in a harmonious way, in words that I would never have thought.

Ah !!! My little girl, help me to demonstrate how joy sounds, expressing clearly as a melody. Poetry. !! Oh!!! Poetry small in phrase and big in feelings talking about sorrows, joys, and love. Finally, feelings. Feelings beyond for a mother of her aching daughter.

A Honeycomb Of Sweet Honey

A honeycomb of sweet honey, made by him, who knew how to sweeten me all my life, that nectar, so sweet, fell in the depths of my being, in my body in my skin, that honeycomb. A honeycomb worked day after day, year after year, with its honey, he knew how to sweeten; the happiest years of my life;A Honeycomb Of Sweet Honey The honeycomb is dry! but in my soul I leave, thirteen jars of sweet honey; Oh … that honey has become gall, until the rest of my days, the nectar was put on by him … The honeycomb of sweet honey dried …!

How to forget

I remember that time; my lips lit to yours, the peaceful and beautiful night in each flower a sigh Full of blush, of fear, next to me I saw you, and you spoke, I stayed, so stayed, that only I know I can what your soul said; I want to forget, but in vain, that instant “Ramón, my life” of our passion; Book that left your hand written in my heart; How to forget that I surrendered to the most bitter broken, tremulous, sad, afflicted, filled the eyes of crying, like the one that the pain resists, like the one that hide a grief, you raised the face, you saw me, and I heard a goodbye, so sad I will never forget it! It was a revelation, of a sad disappointment of an absence that would be, the shadow that would extinguish, the dreams of the heart; Ah! Separate the two of us! when one of the other spoke peacefully and calmly, how sad that word sounded in the soul! Goodbye ! To see an existence isolated, which had been in another fade! Snatch your essence, bury oblivion! With your goodbye you left the heart mute that I can hear it there, suffering already, it was the last greeting of the one who will never return, what did I do when I heard you? I confess that such bitter pain is still in the printed soul, how sad it is to kiss a heartbreaking goodbye to a kiss! Your love dazzles me, looking at us, our being was a star, a holy fire, how sad it is to look so hard not to see each other again! Nothing flees from the thought How horrible was that moment; that came to separate us Every sentence was a regret, each sigh a regret.


Here you are at my side Advising me bad Bad friend bad companion Forcing me not to feel some happiness to cry tears that burn. And despite this chimera I have to endure. For not having me who really loved me and that’s why loneliness despite not loving you my friend you will always be.

She won

In the early years of my youth, I had a fierce war, with a selfish person, “I believed,” we fought, we fought, but Love won! Mothers are all selfish, today I understood it, some of us don’t know how to understand what it is, the law of life! but love always wins! The war with that person, did I win it? I believed it! … The years passed, and she defeated me, when I least expected it, from the other world, she took it! He took my life, he took my heart; But what he can never take away from me is what he left me; those deep roots rooted in my soul, in my life, in my heart. Nor the fruits, that those roots threw, that “no” And here history repeats itself; Now, the selfish one is me I struggled with claws and nails to retain the fruits of my heart, they were mine, his Love gave them to me; How many times I have forgiven that selfish mother, I thought it was selfish! … History repeats itself, now I am selfish … I apologize to that mother, how bad I loved her; I ask God, that he has found his son in the other world, in this I had him; These fierce wars are common among humans, it is the Law of life! I know… These fierce wars are common among humans, it is the Law of life! I know… These fierce wars are common among humans, it is the Law of life! I know.

I think of you

I think of you, you live in my mind alone, fixed relentlessly at all hours although perhaps the indifferent face should not reflect on my forehead the flame that silently devours me; In my gloomy and wild fantasy your gentle and pure image shines, like the ray of light that the sun sends through a shadowy vault and the broken marble of a grave; Silent inert, in deep stupor my heart reintegrates and alienates, and there in its center it vibrates dying when among the vain crash of the world, the melody of your name sounds; Without struggle, without eagerness and without regret without shaking myself in blind frenzy, without preferring a single one, a slight accent the long hours of the night I count, just thinking of you 

Become a Dog Groomer

If you love dogs, are patient, and have ever had any interest in being a beautician, becoming a dog groomer might be a good career. You can not just hang out a shingle one day and declare you’re a dog groomer, though. Here’s how to get started, and how to tell if you really are cut out to wield a dog brush full time.

You Need to Have a Long-Term Love for Dogs – and People

Grooming can be difficult. You are not going to see the best side of all the dogs you will be working on. To be happy in your new career, you will need to love dogs enough that you can get through an eight hour day, five days a week, being covered in pet hair, getting growled at, and (this is the hard part for some groomers) putting some of the dogs you see through an frightening experience. But if you have a good history with dogs, and if you have had success working with problem dogs, even if it was not as a professional dog trainer, then you could be suited to this work. Besides, it is quite lucrative – this is how much you can expect to earn.

Most dog groomers will tell you the people give them more trouble than the dogs. You will have to have good people skills to be successful. You are in a service business and that means you will be dealing with everyone who walks in the door. If you just want to be a dog groomer, and not a business owner, your people skills will not be required as much, but you will still be dealing with the public. That said, if you ever had a service job, even as a teenager, you’ve probably gotten a taste of what it takes, and you’ll probably be fine.

By the way – you should also like cats. Some cats are sent in to be cleaned up almost as often as dogs are, and depending on the cat they can be much more difficult to groom.

Get Training

You will have to be trained before you can start getting paid as a dog groomer. There are over a dozen online schools, but if you live in the city I highly suggest you try to find a brick and mortar school. Computers are great, but there is nothing like a real classroom experience, and that is especially true when you are learning a hands-on skill. Frankly, I have about as much faith in an dog groomer that’s been trained online as I do in a human hair cutter that’s been trained online. It might be a perfectly good school but I would prefer to have my hair cut by someone who learned in a real class, thank you.

Going to classes will also introduce you to other dog groomers, and you will learn as much from each other as you do from the teacher. It also gives you a great opportunity to network for jobs after you get your certification. Most certification courses take six to twelve months and cost anywhere from $600 to $2000. The more established schools may offer some scholarships or payment options.

One way to tell a good school from a mediocre one is what kind of placement opportunities they have after you have completed their course. Before you put down your money, you really should talk to at least five different professional dog groomers and see what they think of the school you are about to attend. All careers have their own communities, and you are going to be joining the dog grooming community. Find out which schools are considered good and which are not – before you are on the job interview and you find out most groomers just laugh at the school you are considering.


I die of love, I die, the shadow of my sadness, neither beat me nor beat her, my sorrow, I have my flesh in my heart. Penalty that rises to my lips,Desperate like a bitter and dry fruit, My man’s sorrow! Grief, which feels with in the body. Oh! … Ramón without your life … you will feel as I am of dry anguish inside, you will feel the icy moon that drains snow on my chest,Desperate if you could hear, how my torment fell and feel how sad it is at night my thoughts; I have two blind hands, that his light was your body, and inside my heart, I am alone like the wind, my forehead is empty, and my mouth is deserted the kiss of love, the one that leaves its shadow inside. But grief is grief, and this pain that I have is not grief alone, it is tearing, “Lonely in his torment”

She the Death.

The death in peace and strength that conquers all struggle, that reaps lives, that leaves wounds that changes the joys, for bitter sorrows. She, who still awaits hurts, although we know her surprises us, watches over us, steals us from the loved one, unites us in misery, predisposes us, the cessations of life;Desperate Death, reason that hurts at any time, friend and foe of every living being, wherever she enters, anywhere and time she presents herself; Sometimes he heals an evil with grave silence; She, death, who knows no languages, no borders, that after arriving … levels her, inhospitable, observes you, maybe breaks you a little, warns you, prevents you, total “seizes you”, knows that we are part of its existence and glory, of its reason for being; Our lives, is your goal. For this reason, we are watched and waited everywhere, classifying skies, species and experiences.

Wet tombs.

When hiding the sun behind the mountains, I went yesterday afternoon to the sad place where the crazy vanities finally end; Looking at the towering cypresses, the weeping willows, the white roses and the mausoleum of chiselled jasper; I felt in the deepest part of my soul, inexplicable pain;Desperate Seeing that even in the house of the dead, there are contrasts; Another thing I watched shortly after with great strangeness; Very wet were some other dry graves they found themselves; “Tell me,” ask the gravedigger, how can you explain that while some graves are dry, others are wet? and the old guardian of the dead replied in a low voice;
Those who rest in the dry graves Lady … “They have no one” …


When the sad loneliness converses with an old memory, already lost, the soul grieves with such force that the lost is reborn again; Sadly, old scenes, happy, but gone, are present in such a way, a dark present of life itself, like an eclipse of the sun in spring; The grief is the shadow that shakes reality, that when conversing overwhelms, together they are as in the margin the moss splashed between the foam grows; It is burning fire that produces cold, it is an internal bond that presses the chest, it is to long for dreaming towards the void, wanting to redo what is done; And the happier the experience was, the conversation becomes more bleak; the dearest memory is sadder and what was most mine is strangest.

Roses and life

The roses on their stems carry thorns, human beings carry them in their hearts … Who has not pricked themselves in their life? I wonder, which of the two punctures is worse? The one with the rose, or the one with the heart? The one with the rose soon passes her pain, but alas! the prick of the heart is such a great pain, so deep, that I don’t want that one …

I regret a sore heart.

“If I knew how to write” How many things would I write, if I could write, I only write how little life taught me; There are so many anxieties, that I have to write, and be able to tell, the joys, the sorrows, that I have spent in this life; I just want to remember the good things, those give me life! How curious life is, how little I am writing is helping me a “Being” that is no longer there, in this life; His knowledge, seems to give me strength, gives me life … How much we miss you. ” My life”…